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I have two forms. One is MDI parent and the other is the MDI child. When a button on the parent is clicked the form of the child opens. I have written a code to prevent the form from duplicating. Those methods are as;

public Form IsFormAlreadyOpen(Type FormType)
        foreach (Form OpenForm in Application.OpenForms)
            if (OpenForm.GetType() == FormType)
                return OpenForm;
        return null;

public static Form1 f1;
public void open_Form1()
        Form UForm = null;
        UForm = IsFormAlreadyOpen(typeof(Form1));

        if (UForm == null)
            UForm = new Form1();
            UForm.MdiParent = this;

This piece of code is available in the MDI Parent form. and them the button is clicked the method "open_Form1()" is called and it open the child form.

But the problem is how can I access the public method which is written in the child form? On the child form i have this code.

    public void somefunction()

How can i call this method from the MDI Parent?

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Once you've gotten a reference to a child form you need to cast it to the appropriate type then call the method. For example:

class MyChildForm : Form {}

Form childForm = GetAChildFormInstance();
MyChildForm castForm = (MyChildForm)childForm;

As a side note, you don't seem to have a naming convention. In .NET all public members (properties, fields and members) should be PascalCased. Locals (method variables and parameters) should be camelCase, and private fields can be _underscorePrefixed. Underscores should never be used in-between words in .NET.

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Hi David. thank you for the answer. but how exactly can i get the instance of the child form which is already created? –  Shehan Tis Jul 14 '12 at 19:31
Thanks again David. I managed to find the answer!!! –  Shehan Tis Jul 14 '12 at 19:53

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