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Are you using any framework (like Prism or Unity)? What are your experiences with them and are they mature enough to use in production apps?

I would like to create a complete list of all frameworks:


I've added a few to the list. I try to keep the list up-to-date with information from other sources.

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Farseer Physics Engine : An easy to use 2D physics engine designed for Microsoft’s Silverlight platform. The Farseer Physics Engine focuses on simplicity, useful features, and enabling the creation of fun, dynamic games.

IronRuby and IronPython in Silverlight : The dynamic languages and Silverlight integration let you write browser applications with dynamic languages, like Ruby and Python. Please visit IronRuby or IronPython's websites' for using them in Silverlight.

DeepEarth: An open source, standards oriented Silverlight mapping framework. It provides a rich framework for integrating and visualising spatial layers, services and data.

Silverlight Contrib : Silverlight Contrib is a collection of Silverlight Controls and API enhancements, and productivity tools built for and by the Silverlight developer community.

.NET Image Tools : ImageTools for Silverlight is a library, which provides additional functionality for loading, saving and manipulation images from different sources and with different formats.

Kit3D : A 3D C# graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight.

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There are also:

I've been using Ninject for a little while now and it's my favorite DI/IoC framework.

Also, note that SilverlightContrib has merged with SilverlightExtensions a while ago. I'm kind of afraid though to see no updates since then.

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Just today I found Gestalt which looks interesting. I'm not sure if it's a 'framework'.

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I think Gestalt is more a web framework that can create loose xaml. Any thoughts? – Sorskoot Jul 24 '09 at 20:51

Also added the Silverlight Integration Pack for Enterprise Library 5.0 from Microsoft patterns & practices, the same team that brought you Unity and Prism. Supports data caching (in-memory and isolated storage), logging (client and remote service), validation, exception handling and interception with flexibel configuration options (via external config, attributes or fluent interface).

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