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From time to time I get the following error when starting the debugger in Visual Studio 2008 SP1:

The network connection to MYCOMPUTER has been lost. Debugging will be aborted.

I have several projects in the solution configured as startup projects. Some of them get started when the error occurs, some won't.

Any ideas?

- Visual Studio runs on a 64 bit machine (Win7)
- The application uses MSMQ (private queues on localhost)

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What's likely happening here is that you are using remote debugging on your application. Some error during startup is causing that error message.

Can you give us a bit more information on the applications.

  • Are you expilictly using remote debuggging?
  • Are their any resources being used on MYCOMPUTER via some remote operation?
  • Are you runnig projects off of a share?

You may be implicitly using remote debugging if you are debugging a 64 bit appliction. Visual Studio runs as a 32 bit process and uses remote debugging under the hood to debug 64 bit applications.

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I was getting this issue trying to debug a web site (win7 64bit). I tried the x86 path but my fix was to reset visual studio (devenv.exe /ResetSettings) – Paul Kohler Aug 19 '11 at 3:32

The fix for me was deleting all my breakpoints. Evidently, an update from source control corrupted some pre-existing breakpoints.

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Deleting all breakpoints fixed it for me with VS2012 and the VS2012 Remote Debugger crashing on attach. – Jason Stangroome Jun 26 '13 at 10:55

Check debug properties on your startup projects, there might be remote debugging configured. (Debugging/Remote settings)

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