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I am writing a small framework where my goal is to make it easy for my developers to set up a redirect to the details page of a resource after adding/inserting one.

Ordinarily this would be as easy as PDO::lastInsertID(), but I am using more than just the ID to identify the resource, I am also using a formatted version of the resource's name/title.

For example a new tournament might be called "Test Tournament" and therefore it's resource URI will be domain.com/tournament/328-test-tournament.

So when I redirect after inserting, I need to redirect to '328-test-tournament' and not just '328'. This is by design for URL integrity purposes. I don't want people accessing individual resources with mis-matched IDs and titles.

So that said, after I insert, I would like to be able to automatically return not just the ID, but the entire data set for what I entered, so that I can then format the title and redirect.

I could do this in the controller:


$id = PDO::lastInsertID();
$title = my_title_formatting_function($_POST['title']);
@header("Location: domain.com/tournament/{$id}-{$title}");

But I want a solution that's slightly more elegant like this:

$id = $this->TournamentModel->lastInsert();

Where lastInsert is actually a public method in the core model by retrieving not just the id of the last insert, but the entire row. I would then handle the title formatting and id concatenation right there.

Does something like this exist? Or at the very least is there a PDO method that returns the table that was inserted into so that I could construct a query using the table name and the id?

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After insert, select all fields you want from last insert ID –  Gabriel Santos Jul 14 '12 at 21:25

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Check Doctrine or Propel.

They are two very famous Object Relational Mapper's, which have as base PDO. ORM's can do what you asked, and have lots of other features you will enjoy, check it up.

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Does a 'title' not belong to a Tournament object? i.e.

class TournamenentModel {
  private $id;
  private $title;

  public function setTitle($title) {
    $this->title = $title;

  public function getTitleFormatted() {
    return my_title_formatting_function($this->title);

in which case, your insert method might look something like

PDO::save(array('title' => $this->title));

and your workflow would be along the lines of:

$tournament = new TournamentModel();

$title = $tournament->getTitleFormatted();
@header("Location: domain.com/tournament/{$id}-{$title}");

The title is persisted in memory until you release the object, there is no need to save and then retrieve it from a database?

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