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I have a textarea. User inputs text into the textarea, which can contain line breaks for formatting purposes. I save this text to the mySQL database as is without adding HTML br breaks. This looks like "text blah blah.\n\nText2 blah blah." in the database record.

I display the text on a regular HTML page using echo nl2br($text); and the text is nicely formatted, with two line breaks showing up as a two sentences with a blank line between them.

When I send the same text to a textarea prepopulated for the user to edit their original entry, I use the following code:

<textarea><?php echo $text;?></textarea>

I expect that I would get a textarea filled with text that includes some double line breaks as are stored in the database. I don't use nl2br in this case, because doing so would just literally show the HTML characters (not actually create line breaks -- in other words display to the user the 6 characters of the br). Instead, what I get is stripping of any double new lines, so that two new lines back-to-back are now single new lines. The single new lines don't get stripped out completely -- they just stay single new lines.

So, in short, when I send text with formatting that should include a blank line between lines of text, what I get is only single new lines, breaking the important formatting of the text).

How can I preserve all of the newlines when outputting text from the database to a textarea?

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This works for me:

$txt = "line1\nline2\n\nline4\nline5";


<textarea rows=10><?php echo $txt ?></textarea>



Note the lack of line3 text and the double \n\n. Loading this form in Firefox gives me a blank line between the line2/line4 text, as expected.

Check that your text isn't being mangled elsewhere, and really is in the database as a double-line break.

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Now I'm a bit mistified... I copied your code directly into mine (skipping the db altogether), and I got 4 lines of text with no blank line 3. I looked at the CSS and white-space property is not defined by me (browser default is white-space: pre-wrap; and looks the same in IE and Chrome) -- could this be the problem? –  key2starz Jul 14 '12 at 22:21
Also tried in FF - same story, and tried changing the css properties of white-space. The output is definitely without two linebreaks despite \n\n -- could a PHP setting be the culprit? –  key2starz Jul 14 '12 at 22:29
Confirmed that your code works as is -- something must be modifying my HTML after it is loaded to the text box... time to sift through the JS and see if anything is getting removed... –  key2starz Jul 14 '12 at 22:46

You can try ... echo str_replace("\n", "\r\n", $txt)

This simple reads the line breaks and converts them in new rows which are clearly understood by textareas :) hope this helps.


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