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How can I run the same program two times or more with different names when calling ps -ef, for examples I ran yes from one shell, and another yes from another yes, when I do ps -ef |grep [y]es I can see two copies with the same name and of course with different PID. How can I name the first yes "one" and the second name "two" in shell?

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This is an X/Y problem. What's the actual issue you're trying to resolve this way? – CodeGnome Jul 14 '12 at 22:31
I'm building a program where I need to have more than one process with different parameters or args for each. I know I can name the program two or more different names and run them but I hope there a nicer way to do it :) – Rohin Patel Jul 14 '12 at 22:34
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If you have different parameters/arguments, and you want to be able to grep for them in your process list, then you want to use the -w flag. The ps(1) manual says:

-w Wide output. Use this option twice for unlimited width.

With that in mind, ps -efww or ps axww will give you the entire command line for each process, making it easy to differentiate.

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Impossible in shell. Process can only change own proc title by calling setproctitle (2) syscall. If you want to easy check, here is Python helper module. And here some discussion and alternatives.

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