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I am playing with jsplumb, but I am not able to delete the connection between two divs having only the id of one div.

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If you've multiple connections from or to elements, detaching all connections is maybe not the best solution to delete a connection. There is a (not well documented) function to detach exactly one connection:

jsPlumb.detach(connection, {
    fireEvent: false, //fire a connection detached event?
    forceDetach: false //override any beforeDetach listeners

In my example, I want to delete a connection when the connector is clicked:

 jsPlumb.bind('click', function (connection, e) {
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I found the solution in the documentation (http://jsplumb.org/doc/usage.html)

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If source div or target div id is already known, then you can delete the connection like this:

var conn = jsPlumb.getConnections({
              //only one of source and target is needed, better if both setted
              source: sourceId,
              target: targetId
if (conn[0]) {

You can also use jsPlumb.getAllConnections() to get the array of all connections, and test every connection's sourceId or targetId to get exactly the connection you need;

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Im pasting you a code which removes all "wrong" connections in a game I`m developing. I hope it helps :)

var wrong_connections = new Array(DB_ID, ANOTHER_DB_ID);
var connections = jsPlumb.getConnections();
$.each(connections, function(index, value) { // going through all connections
  var source_id = value.source.attr('id').substring(28);  // I need the ID from DB so I`m getting it from the source element
  for (a = 0; a < wrong_connections.length; a++) {  
    if (source_id == wrong_connections[a]) {
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Hi you can refer to this: Detach connection jsPlumb

This block of code allows to detach connection if a connection was clicked:

jsPlumb.bind("click", function(conn) {
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