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I found this in the MSDN article about .NET 4 GC : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee787088.aspx

"Workstation garbage collection is always used on a computer that has only one processor, regardless of the setting. If you specify server garbage collection, the CLR uses workstation garbage collection with concurrency disabled."

I would think that they mean one physical CPU. However I run my app in server GC mode (or at least I thought I did) on a server with one CPU but 8 HT logical processors...

The following code outputs 'true'


So I dont get it - either the following code prints incorrect information or they meant one single core CPU without HT...

Anyone could explain it definitely?

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I thing "on processor" means "one core". Because that is no sense in disable concurrency in GC where you can run more than 1 thread at the same time. – devundef Jul 15 '12 at 0:09
I'm with @devundef, I think it could be worded better. A CPU core is a "logical processor" as far as Windows is concerned, I suspect this is where the language comes from. When Microsoft refers to physical processors (for example, in licensing) they always say "socket". – Dai Jul 15 '12 at 0:14
guys write this as an answer. I'll mark it.. – Boppity Bop Jul 15 '12 at 12:48
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it seems the "one processor" refers to a single core no hyper-threading CPU.

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