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I am deploying my project into ms azure linux vm.

each service is deployed in different server. actually for servers.

But, It's not working.

celeryd is always hang with over the 20~30 http request.

And then it is work after ctrl+c and restart celeryd. but.. it also hang soon.

Eventlet and gevent are also use.. but.. eventlet is not working well.. gevent is better..

I think postgres or usage of model is one of problem. but.. I don't know exactly why..

Anybody help me out?!!!

Is it correct usage of django model below?

sync_service_log = SyncServiceLog.objects.get(pk = sync_log["service"])
{{some codes}}

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The information provided is not enough to pin point the exact root cause. Are you installing all of these modules on a one Linux VM? The best option is to build a a Linux VM first locally with all the necessary modules in it and the deploy to Windows Azure and configure all necessary Ports to connect with it.

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Did you apply eventlet/gevent monkey patches at all? You should do that in order to make psycopg (postgres driver) async. It'll always block without the monkey patch.

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