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Currently I am attempting to add a new row to a database table through AJAX which is working fine. But then I try to update a different table and I get an error. Here is my code and the error I am encountering.


The object cannot be attached because it is already in the object context. An object can only be reattached when it is in an unchanged state.

Line 41: _db.ChampionCounters.Attach(champion);


    public ActionResult VoteYes(int id)
        string results;

        if (Request.IsAuthenticated)
            var checkFirst =
                from c in _db.UserCounterLinks
                where c.counterId == id && c.userName == User.Identity.Name
                select c;

            if (checkFirst.Any())
                results = "You have already voted on this counter.";
                return Json(results);

            var userVoteLink = new UserCounterLink { counterId = id, userName = User.Identity.Name, userAgree = true };


            var champion = _db.ChampionCounters.SingleOrDefault(c => c.id == id);

            if (champion != null)
            results = "Voted";
        } else
            results = "You must be logged in to vote.";

        return Json(results);


The code above is from the controller that handles the Ajax post. Like I said the userVoteLink table creates a record just fine. But when I try to update the other table ChampionCounters the error is thrown.

Thanks in advance!

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You don't need to attach the instance because the context is already tracking that instance. Just remove the _db.ChampionCounters.Attach(champion); line.

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