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I have been using memcached v1.6 with it's default engine and here is a problem i've been facing.

Sometimes when I try to fetch a value from the cache and when I try to set one, I get the following error message.


It is curious that it doesn't happen everytime, I've tried setting and fetching values from the cache and it worked, but there are times it doesn't and the "HOSTNAME LOOKUP FAILURE" appears.

What I would like to set in the cache is the classic struct stat that contains file's attributes, and I am doing it this way.

rc = memcached_set(memc,key,key_length,value,value_length,(time_t) 0,(uint32_t) 0);

where, as i debugged, the key is "0/.Trash" and the value is the struct stat casted to (char*)

Any ideas on why is this happening? or what this error means so I can make my own conclusions?

Please note that it also happens sometimes when I get values from the cache, not only when I set them.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!



This is how I am connecting to the cache

memcached_server_st *servers = NULL;
memcached_return rc;
char* ip = configuracion_direccionServidorRC(); // this is a dictionary where i get the ip from, which now for testing, it is ""
uint16_t port = (uint16_t) configuracion_puertoServidorRC(); // this is a dictionary where i get the port from, which now for testing, is "11211"

servers = memcached_servers_parse(ip);
memc = memcached_create(NULL);
servers = memcached_server_list_append(servers, "Server1", port, &rc);
rc = memcached_server_push(memc, servers);


else {
    char c_log_mensaje[100];
    sprintf(c_log_mensaje, "couldn't conect!: %s",
            memcached_strerror(memc, rc));
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Hostname lookup failure indicates a DNS problem with resolving the hostname to the IP address of the memcache server. Try to connect via IP directly and see if this resolves the issue, if it does, that is where your problem lies. –  Geoffrey Jul 15 '12 at 2:45
@Geoffrey : Thank you for your answer!, could you please look at my last edit on the question ? I have detailed how I am connecting to the cache, –  Guillermo Gruschka Jul 15 '12 at 5:07

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