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I am using the tmp006evm on my beagle board running ubuntu 12.04. According to the question I posted here , they do not provide official support for the linux machines.What would be the simplest way by which I can get the tmp006evm working on my beagle board? I am thinking it is libusb. Could someone correct me if I am mistaken.

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Now that you know that it's a HID-device and by the fact that it is using a National Instruments raw USB driver, you can easily use libusb to access it, in case you have a protocol documentation for that board. Might be using USB interrupts so it might be quite easy even without protocol specifications. Have a look at this. I used it for an EL-USB-RT some time ago. However, I do not know any out-of-the-box GUIs for libusb and HID-devices.

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Do I have to use SnoopyPro or something like that to decode the protocol beacause I cannot seem to find the protocol documentation anywhere – user1179510 Jul 15 '12 at 6:04

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