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I want to generate a text file with data by executing a procedure. But while generating text file, next or previous column value should not enter into other column value. Please see the below EX for more details.


We have 2 columns of type Varchar(5) in a table. I want to generate a file with this data. So 5 characters will be allowed for each column.

Case 1: If first column is having 5 characters data(ex:'qwert'), we will get the data and second column value will come beside this. No problem. it works fine.

Case 2: If first column is having 3 characters data(ex:'asd'), we will get this but second column value should not enter into 4th position of 1st column value in the text file. if the data of the 1st column is < 5 character, it should print and it should print remaining as blanks.

Note: No delimiter required in text file.

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If I understand well what you need, that is having first column printed everytime with 5 chars, you could simply use this

SELECT LEFT(col1 + "     ", 5) AS col1, col2
FROM your_table
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Thanks for your response. I tried the same 2 days back. But in our client machine xp_cmdshell is not enabled. It was throwing the same error when i was running the procedure through xp_cmdshell. Is there some other solution without enabling xp_cmdshell? If there is no solution, i will ask our client to enable xp_cmdshell. –  chandra sekhar Jul 15 '12 at 5:57
@chandrasekhar: that's the only solution I know, but I'm not a SQL Server manager... –  Marco Jul 15 '12 at 6:29

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