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I am attempting to make a virtual playbook application for football teams and coaches. I am stuck on trying to decide if I should use wxpython and pygame or just wxpython. I want it to be just an X's and O's type. Is there anyway I could just use wxpython to make a drag and drop for the X's and O's and also can I draw lines in just wxpython? Thanks in advance!

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Both are simple and fun to use libraries.. i personally recommend pygame as i have some experience in it and rather like it. It is a fully fledged 2D game api based on SDL while wxpython is more suited towards dialogs, guis and controls or rather software programming. I say go with pygame, please make sure to read and reference the documentation thoroughly and here are some good tutorials to get you started..

Yes you can draw lines in wxpython but it is a bit more difficult to use for game purposes.

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