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I just ran Nisght 2.2 with Enable memory checker option and got the following error:

CUcontext blockIdx WarpIndex PC Active Mask Exception Exception Details

0x02af1c10 (0,0,0) 0 0x0001cc70 0x00000004 OutOfRangeLoad MemorySpace=Global Size=4

Moreover, the output is below:

GPU State:

Address Size Type Mem Block Thread blockIdx threadIdx PC Source

05500e20 4 adr ld g 0 2 {0,0,0} {2,0,0} 000170 No source available

Summary of access violations:

Nsight Debug Memory Checker detected 1 access violations. error = access violation on load (global memory) blockIdx = {0,0,0} threadIdx = {2,0,0} address = 0x05500e20 accessSize = 4

Nsight Debug

CUDA Memory Checker detected 1 threads caused an access violation: Launch Parameters CUcontext = 026f1c10 CUstream = 03460f58 CUmodule = 047e7538 CUfunction = 047c26b0 FunctionName = _Z19findHowManyBeforeWiPcPiS0_S0_S0_S_S0_S0_ii gridDim = {1,1,1} blockDim = {256,1,1} sharedSize = 128 Parameters: Parameters (raw): 0x05500400 0x05500800 0x05500c00 0x05500000 0x05501200 0x05500600 0x05500a00 0x05500e00 0x00000004 0x00000005 GPU State:

Address Size Type Mem Block Thread blockIdx threadIdx PC Source

05500e20 4 adr ld g 0 2 {0,0,0} {2,0,0} 000170 No source available

However, I cannot make sense of any of this info, except the fact that the error occurred in function HowManyBeforeWi for thread 2. Is there anyway to find the exact line in which the error occured because this does look very vague.

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Try compiling with debugging symbols on. cuda-memcheck reports line numbers on debugging builds when out of bounds accesses are detected. One thing that immediately jumps out is the shared memory size reported is 128, but the block has 256 threads. Are you sure that out of bounds shared memory access during a global memory load isn't causing the problem? The kernel function prototype looks to be findHowManyBeforeWi(char*, int*, int*, int*, int*, char*, int*, int*, int, int) and the pointer arguments from debug look superficially valid, but without a repro case it is very hard to say more. – talonmies Jul 15 '12 at 8:27
@talonmies: How to compile with debugging symbols on? As I am using VS 2008, I have set the GPU Debug information to -G. Is there anything else I need to do? – Programmer Jul 15 '12 at 8:57
I don't use visual studio or nsight, sorry. – talonmies Jul 15 '12 at 9:00

The debugger breaks at the line where the access violation was thrown. Alternatively, you can use the Disassembly pane to correlate where the issue occurred with the Program Counter (PC).

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