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I would like to find a way to best hide or remove the "Purge from Page Cache" option which appears in my row-actions once I mouse-over specific posts / pages etc. Does anybody know a way around to have this accomplished?

From what I have noticed the code is generated in the TotalCacheAdmin.php file:

 * post_row_actions filter
 * @param array $actions
 * @param object $post
 * @return array
function post_row_actions($actions, $post) {
    $actions = array_merge($actions, array(
        'pgcache_purge' => sprintf('<a href="%s">Purge from Page Cache</a>', wp_nonce_url(sprintf('admin.php?page=w3tc_general&w3tc_pgcache_purge_post&post_id=%d', $post->ID), 'w3tc'))

    return $actions;

Some advise would be highly appreciated - thank you very much.

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Solved it by adding a display:none option - which does the trick

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