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I have some classes that implement a generic base type. i.e:

public class TreeItem<TEntity> : Entity
where TEntity : TreeItem<TEntity>
    public virtual IList<TEntity> Children{get;set;}
    public virtual TEntity Parent {get;set;}

public class Category : TreeItem<Category>
    public virtual string Description{get;set;}


When using Automapping and building the mappings, FluentNHibernate throws an exception saying "Association references unmapped class". Is using a generic base type incompatible with NHibernate? (I don't map TreeItem<> in my mapping).

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Never mind, Looks like IgnoreBase(typeof(TreeItem<>)) takes care of this. – nakiya Jul 15 '12 at 7:15

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IgnoreBase(typeof(TreeItem<>)) Takes care of this.

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