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I want to automate to upload files of my websites. But, remote server does not support ssh, so I try lftp command below instead of rsync.

lftp -c "set ftp:use-mdtm no && set ftp:timezone -9 && open -u user,password ftp.example.com && mirror -Ren local_directory remote_directory"

If local files are not changed, no files are uploded by this command. But, I change a file and run the command, all files are uploaded.

I know lftp/ftp's MDTM problem. So, I tried "set ftp:use-mdtm no && set ftp:timezone -9", but all files are uploaded though I changed only one file.

Is anyone know why lftp mirror --only-newer does not transfer "only newer" file?

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1 Answer

On the following page


the authors state:

When uploading, it is not possible to set the date/time on the files uploaded, that's why –>ignore-time is needed.

so if you use the flag combination --only-newer and --ignore-time you can achieve decent backup properties, in such a way that all files that differ in size are replaced. Of course it doesn't help if you really need to rely on time-synchronization but if it is just to perform a regular backup of data, it'll do the job.

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