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I am running the following command on ubuntu:

taskset -c 1 ./forLoop

and its giving me the following error:

./forLoop: 1: Syntax error: Bad for loop variable

What is in forLoop is the following:

for ((  i = 0 ;  i <= 1000000;  i++  ))
  echo "Welcome $i times"

simply ./forLoop does execute by itself but I want to attach the process to a certain affinity. Can I ?

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This is likely happening because you're on Ubuntu and the interpreter called dash gets invoked instead of bash.

Trivially, type this to confirm:

dash ./forLoop    

You should see the same "for loop" error.

Some of the ways to fix this problem:

  • Force `bash` to be used: `taskset -c 1 bash ./`
  • Write `#!/bin/bash` as the first line of your script.
  • Alter the loop code to be dash-compatible, as described in the below link.

Read more here:

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