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I am running on a computer without sudo privileges with R version 2.13.1 installed, and I want to install a package (Rcpp). If I try to install the package via install.packages()

I get

 package ‘Rcpp’ is not available (for R version 2.13.1)

I think because by default in CRAN requires R version 2.15 and up.

I can't update my R version as I'm not superuser. Is there anyway way (without sudo) to install and old version of Rcpp for my old R version?

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Can't you just install from source? You can download the older versions of Rccp from the package archive.

Read the help file (?install.packages) for instructions, but basically you provide the path to the downloaded package and set repos to NULL. You may also need to specify a different lib path if you don't have sufficient privileges to install to the default R library.

I have not tried it, but you may also want to try this function which lets you specify the version of a package you want to install.

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