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appMobi watchPosition and getCurrentPosition fails, my little GPS icon comes up and goes on, but copying and pasting from the appmobi site taking their exact example, I should get at the least an alert, if not then an error in the console of the debugger to which I am getting neither.

var options = {timeout: 10000, maximumAge: 11000, enableHighAccuracy: true };
//This function is called on every iteration of the watch Position command that fails
var fail = function(){
  alert("Geolocation failed. \nPlease enable GPS in Settings.");

//This function is called on every iteration of the watchPosition command that is a success
var suc = function(p){
  alert("Moved To: Latitude:" + p.coords.latitude + "Longitude: " + p.coords.longitude;

//This command starts watching the geolocation
var geolocationWatchTimer = AppMobi.geolocation.watchPosition(suc,fail,options);

//Call the stopGeolocation function to stop the geolocation watch
var stopGeolocation = function(){



Ok, noticed even though using there example the code is broken to a point. It is missing a ) and a ; So with those put in, I am now getting Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'watchPosition' of undefined


fixed the last issue, but this one has me stumpped, seems that it runs 2 times be for stoping now, I need it to only run the once. How can I get that?

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Put a flag to run only one time.:;
var suc = function(p){
    if ((p.coords.latitude != undefined)&&(lat==0))


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