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This is my code:

filename_date = strcat('Maayanei_yeshua-IC_',file_date,'.pdf')
filenamepdf = strcat(filename,'.pdf')
rename(['C:\Users\user\Desktop\' filenamepdf],['C:\Users\user\Desktop\' filename_date]);

And i get the error:

<??? Error using ==> movefile The system cannot find the path specified.>


<??? Undefined function or method 'rename' for input arguments of type 'char'.>

I checked hundreds of times and the file is there... i don't know why it can't find it, any help ?

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Why are you trying to do that in MATLAB? Why not write a batch script to do it? –  Eitan T Jul 15 '12 at 10:46

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Use the command

doc rename

to discover that rename is for working with ftp servers, which you are not doing here. What you want is the command movefile

Use the help window brought up by helpwin to look up all the commands you are using.

Also, from the command prompt try

dir(['C:\Users\user\Desktop\' filenamepdf])

to verify the file you want to move exists.

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