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I want to use SVN and read it's help.I follow instruction one by one.

  1. Install TortoisesSVN
  2. Create folder
  3. Right button on this folder and TortoisesSVN->Create Repository here->Create folder structure
  4. Right button on the same folder TortoisesSVN->Import
  5. Add this string in dialog "file:///D:/developing/Repo/trunk/test" where Repo is the repository

And i get this error message enter image description here

I search in google and can't find what I'm doing wrong.Is any one else have similar problem ?? My OS is win7

Edit (because error message is too small):

Error: Can't read file 'D:\developing\Repo\db\txn-protorevs\1-3.rev-lock': The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.

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Import consists in adding a project (source code) into a repository. You invoke Import on the root directory of the project. Not on the directory containing the SVN repository. Importing a repository inside a repository doesn't make sense.

Read section 4.2 of TortoiseSVN's help. (right-click on any directory, TortoiseSVN - Help)

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