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How do I use the command line tool curl for call a wcf service / server is alive?. My binding service wshttpBinding. My service host in IIS 7.

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What do you mean by Server Is a Live"? –  home Jul 15 '12 at 9:58
With this services I wanted to check whether server is live or not? –  zandi Jul 15 '12 at 10:28

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It depends on your definition of "server is alive". If you only want to know whether the service is responding to any requests, you can send a request to the service base address (curl http://your.host.com/app/service.svc), and you should get the service help page back (just browse to it and you'll see what you'll get back).

If you want to check whether a certain operation of the service is working, then it will depend on your binding configuration:

If the configuration of your wsHttpBinding doesn't use message security or reliable session, then you can use something such as Fiddler to capture the request of a "normal" client (such as the WCF Test Client), then use curl to send the same request.

If the binding uses such a feature, then curl isn't the best way to do it, since there the client needs to send a few requests (handshaking for the security or RM protocols) before the actual request for the operation is sent.

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