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I am familiar with AWS Java SDK, I also tried to browse the corresponding Javadoc, but I could not realize how do I create a sub directory, i.e., a directory object within a bucket, and how do I upload files to it.

Assume bucketName and dirName correspond to already existing bucket (with public permission) and a new (object) directory which needs to be created within the bucket (i.e. bucketName/dirName/)

I have tried the following:

AmazonS3Client s3 = new AmazonS3Client(
    new BasicAWSCredentials(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_KEY));
s3.createBucket(bucketName + "/" + dirName); //throws exception

which throws an exception on the second line.

A short snippet which creates a sub-directory and uploads files to it will be deeply appreciated.

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There are no "sub-directories" in S3. There are buckets and there are keys within buckets.

You can emulate traditional directories by using prefix searches. For example, you can store the following keys in a bucket:


and then do a prefix search for foo/ and you will get back:


See AmazonS3.listObjects for more details.

Update: Assuming you already have an existing bucket, the key under that bucket would contain the /:

s3.putObject("someBucket", "foo/bar1", file1);
s3.putObject("someBucket", "foo/bar2", file2);

Then you can list all keys starting with foo/:

ObjectListing listing = s3.listObjects("someBucket", "foo/");
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Thank you for your reply, could please provide a short snippet code? Since as you see in my post, I have tried to create something like foo/bar but it throws an exception. –  MrRoth Jul 15 '12 at 11:37
@MrRoth: See my update. –  casablanca Jul 15 '12 at 12:47

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