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I want to use a shortcut to move the cursor to the next line or previous line. I can't find this Command in Preferences->General->Keys.

Are there any plugins that can do this? Or do I have to develop my own plugin to for that? If I have to develop it, which extension point should I use?

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try that key which shows an upward/downward pointing arrow on your keyboard ;-) – Arne Jul 15 '12 at 12:11

If I am understanding your question correctly then you should be able to set the Eclipse Key Mappings for Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys.

Search for "Line Up" and you will see

Line Up
Scroll Line Up
Select Line Up

These should already be mapped to Up/Down Arrow and Shift Up/Down Arrow, but if not (eclipse does mess up keyboard mappings from time to time) you can add them back or set them the way you want.

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