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I want to use OpenCV's FaceRecognition in java through javacv wrapper library. I don't know how to pass images and labels to com.googlecode.javacv.cpp.opencv_contrib.FaceRecognizer.train(CvArr, CvArr)

I can use cvLoadImage(String) or cvLoadImageM(String) to obtain single images, but how do I make an CvArr of them?

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After some reading I found out that CvArr is an opaque type. You just initialize with any data - it is just a C pointer after all. So:

CvMat[] images = new CvMat[n];
images[0] = cvLoadImageM(...);
CvArr arr = new CvArr(new CvMatArray(images));
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This post is about using the Contrib Module with JavaCV. It also explains how to pass the images to the wrapped functions:

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