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I'm saving html and/or rich formated text in a database, and I'm trying to show it in an IceFaces text field, but it doesn't show the propper format (line breaks or urls).
Is there a tag or a component that shows me the proper rich text or html format?

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try :

ice:outputText value="#{your.bean}" escape="false"

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Excelent!, Thanks! –  ramayac Aug 23 '09 at 22:50

I only found this solution that can create HTML inside an ICEfaces page, use the output of Facelets:


This injects your HTML in the page and processes it like you have written it inside the page. Although, you have to test if all line breaks are processed correctly.

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Actually, it's a lot easier than I thought...
To properly output HTML saved on a database using ICEFaces you just have to use the <ice:outputLabel/> tag, and use in the value attribute #{backBean.object.html_txt_field}, like this:

<ice:outputLabel id="olDescription" value="#{backBean.object.htmlTXTfield}" />

And that was all :)

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