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I am working on some c++ network code in Eclipse CDT as a makefile project but eclipse is complaining about FD_ZERO. Compiling is working fine.

Minimal example:

#include <arpa/inet.h>

void test()
    fd_set fds;

This shows up in as "Eclipse is Function '__builtin_bzero' could not be resolved" error.

This FD_ZERO is a macro defined in `sys/select.h'

sys/select.h:#define    FD_ZERO(p)  __DARWIN_FD_ZERO(p)

and in sys/_structs.h we can find __DARWIN_FD_ZERO to be defined as a call to a gcc built-in function.

#define __DARWIN_FD_ZERO(p)     __builtin_bzero(p, sizeof(*(p)))

I have selected mac os x tool chain in CDT and not altered any other options. Any ideas to solve this issue?

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I noticed this hasn't been answered yet, so for completeness, this is my solution:

Use memset(&fds, 0, sizeof fds); instead.

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The problem is simply that __builtin_bzero is just that, it's builtin at the compiler level. CDT doesn't know that because it has its own parser.

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