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For few columns from the source i.e .csv file, we are having values like 1:52:00, 14:45:00.

I am supposed to load to the Oracle table.

Which data type should I choose in Target as well as source?
Should i be doing any thing in the expression transformation?

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Thanks for the reply. Target table already exist, Its still in development mode we can change the datatype. Just wanted to check wat datatype should i choose in Target. What logic should i write in the Expression transformation. Iam trying with the logic TO_DATE(ETA,'HH24:MI:SS'), it says its not valid. Thanks, –  user1526892 Jul 16 '12 at 2:51

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Use SQLLDR to load the data into database with the format described as in the link



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Oracle does not support time-only values, it supports dates (with a time component). You have a few options:

  1. Store the value as a string, perhaps providing a leading zero for the hour.
  2. Store the value as the number of seconds (or minutes) past midnight.
  3. Store the value as the time component of some arbitrarily defined date, for example 0001-JAN-01 01:52:00 and 0001-Jan-01 14:45:00. Tell your report writers to ignore the date portion of the value.

Your source datatype will be string(8). Use LPAD to add leading zeroes.

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