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I can successfully create and load ETC textures in Android, using the calls:

ETC1Texture etc1tex = new ETC1Texture(...);
gl11.glCompressedTexImage2D(GL10.GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0/*level*/, 
                             ETC1.ETC1_RGB8_OES/*internal format*/,  
                 etc1tex.getWidth(), etc1tex.getHeight(),        

But now i need to update this texture with new image data. I am using the call to SubImage :

GL11.glCompressedTexSubImage2D( GL10.GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0/*level*/,                    
            0,   0,     etc1tex.getWidth(), etc1tex.getHeight(),        

which takes more or less the same paramaters, as previous call. But its not working, my texture does'nt even change a bit.

But If i simply replace the SubImage call with the first one, i can see some distortion in the texture when it updates...

Does anyone know how i can use this CompressedTexSubImage call

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I know it's been two years but did you resolve your issue? – mlatu Oct 13 '14 at 13:50

yeah ,i meet the same problem.

i use glCompressedTexImage2D(texinfo.glTarget + face, level,glInternalFormat, pixelWidth, pixelHeight, 0,faceLodSize, data);

it works.

but when i use

glCompressedTexImage2D(texinfo.glTarget + face, level,glInternalFormat, pixelWidth, pixelHeight, 0,faceLodSize, NULL);

and then

glCompressedTexSubImage2D(texinfo.glTarget + face, level, 0, 0, pixelWidth , pixelHeight , glInternalFormat,faceLodSize, data);

it dose not work.


i need to use glCompressedTexSubImage2D,because i load one texture not in one buffer . may be load into more than one tile buffer. if one tile loaded completed, than call glCompressedTexSubImage2D to handle it.

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is etc does not support glCompressedTexSubImage2D? or there is something need to do? thanks? – ddr Mar 28 '13 at 3:57

According to the API (

"The required paletted formats do not allow subimage updates, but other formats defined by extensions may."

I assume this means that for ETC1 compression, subimage just isn't allowed.

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