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When storing plots in a pdf R generates a temporary file (e.g. /tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d27df81a0) for each plot. After drawing many plots into a pdf my /tmp partition runs out of memory and R stops working (my desktop also freezes).

Little code example:

for (i in 1:10) {
    pdf(file=paste(i, ".pdf", sep=""))

list.files(path=tempdir(), pattern="^pdf.", full.names=TRUE)
# [1] "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d27df81a0" "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d28ed0612"
# [3] "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d295c2453" "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d304bb025"
# [5] "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d3332d7fe" "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d3921428f"
# [7] "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d4cf812ca" "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d5082bebe"
# [9] "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d560d326"  "/tmp/RtmpFKQqjI/pdf317d674b25ea"

(Same results for pdf(file="Rplots%03d.pdf"); for (i in 1:10) { ... }; dev.off().)

Why doesn't R remove this temporary files after calling dev.off()?

As a workaround I add the following line after each dev.off():

unlink(list.files(path=tempdir(), pattern="^pdf.", full.names=TRUE))

Is there a better way?

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unlink only frees the space if nothing has the file open. Are you sure they are closed? Do you have lsof on your system? –  stark Jul 15 '12 at 14:21
IMHO the files are closed (definitely after calling dev.off()). lsof | grep "/tmp/Rtmp*/pdf*" returns nothing ($? == 1). The unlink workaround works (memory is free afterwards). –  sgibb Jul 15 '12 at 14:29

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I tend to agree with @stark that this is a (minor) bug in R's pdf device implementation.

One workaround is to instead use the cairo_pdf device, which produces essentially identical pdfs but does not leave extra files lying around in the temp directory.

for (i in 1:2) {
    cairo_pdf(file=paste(i, ".pdf", sep=""))
list.files(path=tempdir(), pattern="^pdf.", full.names=TRUE)
# character(0)
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Thanks for your additional workaround. It is better than calling unlink(...) after each plot statement. –  sgibb Jul 16 '12 at 9:11

Since the file is closed after dev.off is called, this is a bug in R's pdf library. Best solution is to get the bug fixed. There's no reason for pdf to leave tmp files.

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I wrote a bug report: Bug 14991 –  sgibb Jul 16 '12 at 9:11

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