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Some queries, like OrderBy, are part of the YouTubeQuery class and are easy to set. But the general YouTube API reference mention both HD and duration parameters which I'd really like to use for my app.

Since I'm using the .NET library for the Google Data API I'd prefer to use some built-in method rather than just tack on a query-string to the end of the Uri. Maybe using YouTubeQuery.ExtraParameters or something else, but I can't find what that would be.

How do you set the extra parameters for YouTube API in .NET?

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Following code works for Java. I am sure equivalent .Net code is similar to this:

YouTubeQuery ytQuery = new YouTubeQuery(new URL(API_URL));

ytQuery.addCustomParameter(new Query.CustomParameter("hd", "true"));
ytQuery.addCustomParameter(new Query.CustomParameter("duration", "short"));
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I had the same problem and i found it by myself..You can use the following code to set extraparameters for duration;

query.ExtraParameters = "&duration=medium";

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