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How do I call recursively an interface I am implementing from the implementation of this interface?

I am doing the following thing:

import io::*;
import to_str::*;
enum some_enum {

impl to_str for some_enum {
  fn to_str() -> str {
    alt self {
      bar { "bar" }
      foo(nest) { "foo" + nest.to_str() } // this line

fn main() {

And it fails at compile time with

user@note ~/soft/mine/rust $ rustc example.rs && ./example 
example.rs:13:32: 13:43 error: failed to find an implementation of interface core::to_str::to_str for some_enum
example.rs:13             foo(nest) { "foo" + nest.to_str() }

Of course I can do an FP-like thing:

  foo(nest) { "foo" + nest.map(|x| { x.to_str() }).to_str() }

But why isn't the former case valid?

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Seems like it can be solved with using impl of instead of impl.

impl without of acts like interface-less implementation, with no actual interface involved.

(confirming to http://dl.rust-lang.org/doc/tutorial.html#interface-less-implementations )

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