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I would like to know please how to remove all @mentions, #hashtags, and URLs http.... from a list of scraped tweets from twitter.

I've tried (and failed) using:

find all [@].* and replace with blank
find all [#].* and replace with blank
find all [http].* and replace with blank

etc etc...this just complete removes almost everything from my scraped results.

I'm new to notepad and trying to sort through all the information.

Thanks in advance

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I'm assuming you mean Notepad++? –  harpo Jul 15 '12 at 16:31
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Your expression is too broad. Try this:


Or, depending on your regex flavor, you may need to write out \S (non-whitespace) as

(@|#|http)[^ ]+

Of course, with regex, it's all about knowing exactly what you want, which you usually figure out along the way.

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Very close, yet still way too destructive to the tweets...I tried exactly the code you gave and they didn't do anything so I replaced the ( with [ and ) with ]. both examples did remove everything I wanted to remove but the also removed a lot of the letters from the words in the tweets. for example the word 'alcohol' turned to 'alco' yes notepad++ –  nycdude Jul 15 '12 at 16:47
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