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I've created Java annotations (since I need run time retention) under $PROJECT/src/main/java and my scala codewhich uses these java annotations us under $PROJECT/src/main/scala. The Java annotation thus created also makes use of a Java ENUM as it's value.

If I compile the project then sbt doesn't seem to compile the Java annotations first and errors out on each usage of the enum in annotations. If I comment out all usages of the Java enum in annotations in scala code and do a compile, uncomment enum usage and compile again it all works fine.

How do I ensure that sbt compiles my java annotations and enum (i.e. $PROJECT/src/main/java) before attempting to compile scala code when doing a clean build?

EDIT: I have a bare bones build.sbt and am using sbt 0.11.2

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Some good news: This is a known issue and has been resolved.

Some bad news: It's resolved in 2.10 and the fix may not be backported to 2.9.3 (quoting Paul Phillips in the issue thread):

I've tagged this for backporting, which is not a guarantee; I don't have time to do it right now but I expect to in the near future.

Some good news: If you're stuck on pre-2.10 and your Java sources don't depend on your Scala sources, you can just add the following to your build.sbt and all is well:

compileOrder := CompileOrder.JavaThenScala

Some bad news: If you're stuck on pre-2.10 and your Java sources do depend on your Scala sources, I'm pretty sure you're out of luck, and the comment-compile-uncomment trick is probably your best bet.

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Fortunately for now my Java sources are independent of the scala code and the above trick does allow it to compile fine. However, the publish-local command still seems to fail with same. Is there a way to fix it quickly? – cracked_all Jul 15 '12 at 18:28
@cracked_all: If you don't care about publishing the docs, you can add publishArtifact in packageDoc := false to your build.sbt and it should work. – Travis Brown Jul 15 '12 at 20:03
Thankx for the excellent info! – cracked_all Jul 16 '12 at 4:43

I'll bet you're facing SI-2764. This has been fixed in Scala 2.10.

In the meantime, create a separate sub-project for your Java annotations, and depend on this from the project containing the Scala code.. Then the Scala compiler will only process the .class files, rather the .java files.

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