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i have a registry table ( id , counter , group_name , type )

and group tables which includes these tables

 etc ..

every group is in the registry table as well as it's own group table

now if i want to update a row in the registry i want appropriate group table to updated too

type column indicates the group table so i have it something like :

UPDATE registry JOIN 

CASE WHEN registry.type = 1 THEN software_group 
CASE WHEN registry.type = 2 THEN website_group
CASE WHEN registry.type = 3 THEN news_group 

AS other_table 

ON registry.id = other_table.reg_id
  SET registry.name = $newname
  other_table.name = $newname

WHERE registry.id = $id

is it possible to do something like this ? i can just select the registry row and do the job with php but i thought join/update would be faster than select/update

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I don't think you can update values inside other_table –  hjpotter92 Jul 15 '12 at 16:58

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I think the dynamic join to tables on run time will be best if you handle the conditions in application layer, rather than the DB layer

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