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How can i explode this? mars@email.com,123,12,1|art@hur.com,321,32,2

the output should be :

$email = mars@email.com
$score = 123
$street = 12
$rank = 1

then remove the |

$email = art@hur.com
$score = 321
$street = 32
$rank = 2

$string = mars@email.com,123,12,1|art@hur.com,321,32,2
explode( ',', $string );

is that correct?

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 foreach(explode('|', $str) as $v){
     $data = explode(',',$v);
     echo '$email = '.$data[0].
     '$score = '.$data[1].
     '$street = '.$data[2].
     '$rank = '.$data[3];
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let me try it sir thank you so much. –  user1506189 Jul 15 '12 at 17:36
For a known/unchanging/small number of data pieces, it would be cleaner and less error-prone to use list() (e.g. list($email, $score, $street, $rank) = explode(',', $v);) –  drrcknlsn Jul 15 '12 at 20:33

You might want to use strtok() rather than explode().


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$arr = preg_split( '"[,|]"', 'mars@email.com,123,12,1|art@hur.com,321,32,2' );
$len = count($arr);
for( $i = 0; $i < $len; $i+=4 ) {
    $email = $arr[$i];
    $score = $arr[$i+1];
    $street = $arr[$i+2];
    $rank = $arr[$i+3];
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how can i print this without the array? –  user1506189 Jul 15 '12 at 17:44

you need to store the new array in variable >

$arr = explode(',',$string);

and I dont get what you want to do with the second part (after the |), but you can get the first par by doing this > $half = explode('|',$string)[0];

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You need to unravel it in the right order:

  • first the blocks separated by |

  • then individual cells separated by ,

A concise way to do so is:

$array = array_map("str_getcsv", explode("|", $data));

Will give you a 2D array.

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Use strtok and explode.

$tok = strtok($string, "|");

while ($tok !== false) {
    list($email, $score, $street, $rank) = explode(',', $tok);
    $tok = strtok(",");
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I think what you want is something like this

   $output = array();

foreach (explode('|', $string) as $person) {
    $output[] = array(
        'email'   =>    $person[0],
        'score'   =>    $person[1],
        'street'  =>    $person[2],
        'rank'    =>    $person[3]

This stores all the results in a multidimensional array. For example, to print person 1's email, you'd use

echo $output[0]['email'];   // mars@email.com

and to access person 2's street, you'd use

echo $output[1]['street'];   // 32
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