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I've never seen it used like this before:

<script src="{{ file.name_js }}"></script>

Is this better?

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This is something from a templating engine, such as Smarty or similar.

Everything between the brackets {{ }} is handled server-side, likely so that the script files can be minified server-side easily and the file name be updated to the minified version, or something from a variable.

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Ahhhh, ok. Yeah, I am working on a project with masonry and it had that in there for the calls for jquery and the masonry js files/framework. –  ultraloveninja Jul 15 '12 at 18:05

looks like somekind of a templating language Django has the same kind of tags for example.

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Looks to me like some form of template parsing, in which anything inside {{ }} parenthesis would get replaced to a specific value on the server side.

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