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Just started to learn C#, I have created a simple console application that closes Firefox, deletes some files and folders and changes the User Agent. A strange thing happens somethimes, one or more folders are skipped and not deleted.

What am I doing wrong?

Full source code:

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        public static void ForceDeleteDirectory(string path)
            var directory = new DirectoryInfo(path) { Attributes = FileAttributes.Normal };

            foreach (var info in directory.GetFileSystemInfos("*", SearchOption.AllDirectories))
                info.Attributes = FileAttributes.Normal;


        static class RandomStringArrayTool
            static Random _random = new Random();

            public static string[] RandomizeStrings(string[] arr)
                List<KeyValuePair<int, string>> list = new List<KeyValuePair<int, string>>();
                // Add all strings from array
                // Add new random int each time
                foreach (string s in arr)
                    list.Add(new KeyValuePair<int, string>(_random.Next(), s));
                // Sort the list by the random number
                var sorted = from item in list
                             orderby item.Key
                             select item;
                // Allocate new string array
                string[] result = new string[arr.Length];
                // Copy values to array
                int index = 0;
                foreach (KeyValuePair<int, string> pair in sorted)
                    result[index] = pair.Value;
                // Return copied array
                return result;
        static void Main(string[] args)

            foreach (System.Diagnostics.Process myProc in System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcesses())
                if (myProc.ProcessName == "firefox")
                if (myProc.ProcessName == "plugin-container")



            string[] folderpaths = new string[7];

            folderpaths[0] = @".\Data\profile\minidumps";
            folderpaths[1] = @".\Data\profile\OfflineCache";
            folderpaths[2] = @".\profile\startupCache";
            folderpaths[3] = @".\Data\profile\weave";
            folderpaths[4] = @".\Data\profile\jumpListCache";
            folderpaths[5] = @".\Data\profile\webapps";
            folderpaths[6] = @".\Data\profile\mozilla-media-cache";

            foreach (string s in folderpaths)
                if (Directory.Exists(s))

                else { }

            string[] filepaths = new string[20];

            filepaths[0] = @".\Data\profile\chromeappsstore.sqlite";
            filepaths[1] = @".\Data\profile\content-prefs.sqlite";
            filepaths[2] = @".\Data\profile\cookies.sqlite";
            filepaths[3] = @".\Data\profile\cookies.sqlite-shm";
            filepaths[4] = @".\Data\profile\cookies.sqlite-wal";
            filepaths[5] = @".\Data\profile\downloads.sqlite";
            filepaths[6] = @".\Data\profile\formhistory.sqlite";
            filepaths[7] = @".\Data\profile\permissions.sqlite";
            filepaths[8] = @".\Data\profile\places.sqlite";
            filepaths[9] = @".\Data\profile\places.sqlite-shm";
            filepaths[10] = @".\Data\profile\places.sqlite-wal";
            filepaths[11] = @".\Data\profile\sessionstore.bak";
            filepaths[12] = @".\Data\profile\sessionstore.js";
            filepaths[13] = @".\Data\profile\webappsstore.sqlite";
            filepaths[14] = @".\Data\profile\urlclassifier3.sqlite";
            filepaths[15] = @".\profile\urlclassifierkey3.txt";
            filepaths[16] = @".\Data\profile\urlclassifier.pset";
            filepaths[17] = @".\Data\profile\search.json";
            filepaths[18] = @".\Data\profile\search.sqlite";
            filepaths[19] = @".\Data\profile\formhistory.sqlite";

            foreach (string s in filepaths)
                if (File.Exists(s))
                    File.SetAttributes(s, FileAttributes.Normal);
                else { }

            var lines = File.ReadAllLines(@".\ua_fportable.txt");

            string[] shuffle = RandomStringArrayTool.RandomizeStrings(lines);

            string path = @".\Data\profile\user.js";
            string ua = shuffle[0];
            StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(path);


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which folders are not deleted and are you sure when your application runs none of these folders are used by any process – HatSoft Jul 15 '12 at 19:16
Seems like the folders are still locked. You'll have to keep trying t o delete them for a period of time. You also don't seem to be waiting for the process to completely exit. – Andrew T Finnell Jul 15 '12 at 19:17
@AndrewFinnell this happens even if firefox is closed, also an error would come up if the folder would be in use by another process, am I right? – user1527322 Jul 15 '12 at 19:25
This is pretty normal, another app might be using the folder. Like when the folder is its default working directory, something that happens when you look at the folder with Windows Explorer for example. Otherwise the normal hazard of a multi-tasking operating system. The folder disappears from the file system when the last handle on it is closed. Typically when an app stops running. – Hans Passant Jul 15 '12 at 20:54

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