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I'm trying to create a simple Zip archive that contains all the javascript files in my resources directory

Here's the code:

  task zip(type:Zip){
    from ('resources/'){
        include '*.js'
    into 'resources'

This does not seem to work for some reason. I've seen many people saying that all you need is a from and into and the archive gets created. Can someone help me here ? I'm using Gradle v1.0. Thanks in advance.

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Try something like this (docs):

task zip(type:Zip) {
 from ('resources/')
 include '*.js'
 into 'resources' // note that this specifies path *in* the archive
 destinationDir file('dir') // directory that you want your archive to be placed in
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Thanks! That works. Seems like a small change can create problems. – Kiran Jul 15 '12 at 20:44
Using Gradle 1.10 on Windows, I got an error when I gave destinationDir a string, but it seems to work fine when I give it a File, like destinationDir(file("target")) – amacleod Feb 27 '14 at 21:23
destinationDir setter does take a file – JoeG Apr 3 '14 at 21:19
task someTask << {

    // other code...

    task(zipResources, type: Zip) {
        destinationDir new File(projectDir, 'resources')
        archiveName ''
        from 'src/main/webapp'
        include '*.js'

    task(zipSomethingElse, type: Zip) {
        destinationDir buildDir
        archiveName ''
        from 'src/main/java'
        include '**/*.java'

    // some other code...

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