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I have been playing with Gevent, and I like it a lot. However I have run into a problem. Breakpoint are not being hit, and debugging doesn't work (using both Visual Studio Python Tools and Eclipse PyDev). This happens after monkey.patch_all() is called.

This is a big problem for me, and unfortunately this is a blocker for the use of gevent. I have found a few threads that seem to indicate that gevent breaks debugging, but I would imagine there is a solution for that.

Does anyone know how to make debugging and breakpoints work with gevent and monkey patching?

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Well, why no use "print" like we are in the 80th? While this in not exactly what are you looking for it may help to fix a bug or two. – Moonwalker Aug 4 '12 at 18:10

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PyCharm IDE solves the problem. It supports gevent code debugging after you set a configuration flag:

Unfortunately, at the moment I don't know a free tool capable of debugging gevent.

UPD: THERE IS! Now there is a community version of PyCharm.

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Because even a year or so later these threads are still useful... Jetbrains now offers a free "community" version of Pycharm -- – Marcel Wilson Nov 1 '13 at 15:59

pdb - The Python Debugger

import pdb
pdb.set_trace() # Place this where you want to drop into the python interpreter.
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Works like a charm. – kkurian Oct 19 '12 at 4:30

I use Pycharm 2.7.3 currently and I too was having issues with gevent 0.13.8 breaking debugging. However when I updated to gevent 1.0rc3 I found I could debug again properly.


I only just now learned that Jetbrains had a workaround with the config flag. I was getting around the problem when I needed to debug with the following hack. I honestly don't know why it worked nor what the negative consequences were. I just did a little trial and error and this happened to allow debugging to work when using grequests.

# overrides the monkeypatch issue which causes debugging in PyDev to not work.
def patch_time():
import gevent.monkey
gevent.monkey.patch_time = patch_time 
import grequests
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