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The documentation for WM_NOTIFY says:

  • wParam:
    The identifier of the common control sending the message. This identifier is not guaranteed to be unique. An application should use the hwndFrom or idFrom member of the NMHDR structure (passed as the lParam parameter) to identify the control.

And the documentation for NMHDR says:

  • idFrom
    An identifier of the control sending the message.

What exactly is the difference between these two?

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I always thought they were the same thing. If you're sending WM_NOTIFY, sending the same thing for both works. The idFrom value, being a control ID, is definitely not a guaranteed unique identifier. If you want to be sure, use hwndFrom. – arx Jul 15 '12 at 23:02

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There is in general no difference. It's a convenience. The same convenience that you get in the WM_COMMAND message, which passes both an ID and a window handle, even though you can derive the ID from the window handle via GetDlgCtrlID.

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