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when using the koala gem, how do I like the current page?

I thought it would be something like this...but it's not working


@graph is an authenticated object, I have it working for put_connections, put_wall, etc...However, put_like keeps returning false.

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I don't think that there is a put_like method in the koala or facebook api. like is a opengraph action. So you could do something like:

@graph.put_connections("me", "your_app_namespace:like", :object => "http://www.currentpage.com")

You have to create the like action in your facebook application and set a namespace for your app.

You can read more about opengraph actions here.

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Don't know if this wasn't the case back in July 2012, but now creating a custom like action for open graph results in this error: "A custom Like action is restricted. Please use the common Like action instead." – JZC May 31 '13 at 20:02

Will this like the fan page and increase the follower count or just like the fan page url?

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Facebook won't let you create a custom like action for your application. You have to use their common like action without the application namespace:

@graph.put_connections("me", "og.likes", object: "http://www.currentpage.com")

I believe .put_like only works by referring to specific object names or IDs. If you are simply liking a URL, use the above snippet.

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