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I have a bitmap .FON font I made with softy (a font editor), it seems to open fine with fontforge, I generated bdf, otf, fnt and otb files with it. The font looks a lot like profont, except it's proportional (not monospace). The glyph height is thus quite small (less than 15 pixels), so I don't know if ttf might work well...

SFML can't display any one of them, any advice ?


sf::Font font;

I checked, the font is opened. I know nothing about fonts with fontforge and freetype, and what format is better or might have more odds to work.

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Why are you not checking the return value from loadFromFile? –  stark Jul 16 '12 at 17:18

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It's actually not possible. SFML actually requires font to have an unicode charset, which no bitmap font format supports.

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