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I need to write a function for my 1st semester c assignment. If anyone could help me I've written all of the assignment i just need to validate user input. This is what the teacher gave me... if this is not enough info i can post more

double get_double(void) function must be used to validate the input for each expense and income. It will continuously prompt the user for a numeric value until it meets the conditions. The value must be numeric and greater or equal to 0. If any character input precedes or follows the number the input is to be treated as invalid.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

double get_expenses(double* pSchool, double* pLiving, double* pTransp, double* pOther); /* function prototype */
double get_income(double* pEmploy, double* pOther);                                     /* function prototype */
double display_report(double School, double Living, double Transp, double OtherExp, double Employ, double OtherInc);  /* function prototype */
char get_char(char* pRecalculate);   /* function prototype */
void clear_buffer(void);   /* function prototype */
double get_double(void);   /* function prototype */

main() {

double school, living, transp, otherExp;
double employ, otherInc;
char recalculate;
int counter = 1;

while (counter > 0){  
    printf("Student Budget Planner\n");
    printf("Input Set: %d\n\n", counter);             
    get_expenses(&school, &living, &transp, &otherExp);
    get_income(&employ, &otherInc);
    display_report(school, living, transp, otherExp, employ, otherInc);
     if (recalculate == 'Y' || recalculate == 'y'){
     counter = counter + 1;
        } else {
               counter = 0;

return 0;

double get_expenses(double* pSchool, double* pLiving, double* pTransp, double* pOther) {
*pSchool = *pLiving = *pTransp = *pOther = 0;

double tuition, textbooks, supplies, rent, utilities, phone, groceries;
double entertainment, transportation, car, insurance, gas, other;

printf("School Expenses:\n");
printf("Tuition (per semester): ");
scanf("%lf", &tuition);
printf("\nTextbooks(per semester): ");
scanf("%lf", &textbooks);
printf("\nSupplies: ");
scanf("%lf", &supplies);

*pSchool = (tuition / 4) + (textbooks / 4) + supplies;

printf("\n\nLiving Expenses:\n");
printf("Residence/Rent/Mortgage: ");
scanf("%lf", &rent);
printf("\nUtilities: ");  
scanf("%lf", &utilities);           
printf("\nPhone/Internet: "); 
scanf("%lf", &phone);                
printf("\nGroceries/Eating out: ");
scanf("%lf", &groceries);                 
printf("\nEntertainment: "); 
scanf("%lf", &entertainment);

*pLiving = rent + utilities + phone + groceries + entertainment;

printf("\n\nTransportation: \n");              
printf("Public Transportation: "); 
scanf("%lf", &transportation);
printf("\nCar: ");
scanf("%lf", &car);
printf("\nAuto Insurance: ");
scanf("%lf", &insurance);
printf("\nGas/Maintenance: ");
scanf("%lf", &gas);

*pTransp = transportation + car + insurance + gas;

printf("\n\nOther: \n");
printf("Any other expenses: ");
scanf("%lf", &other);

*pOther = other;

return *pSchool, *pLiving, *pTransp, *pOther;

double get_income(double* pEmploy, double* pOther){
*pEmploy = *pOther = 0;

double wages, family, scholarship, other;

printf("\n\nEmployment income:\n");
printf("Expected Wages/Tips: ");
scanf("%lf", &wages);

*pEmploy = wages;

printf("\n\nOther income:\n");
printf("Family Support: ");
scanf("%lf", &family);
printf("\nScholarship/Bursaries (per semester): ");
scanf("%lf", &scholarship);
printf("\nOther: ");
scanf("%lf", &other);

*pOther = family + scholarship + other;

return *pEmploy, *pOther;

double display_report(double School, double Living, double Transp, double OtherExp, double Employ, double OtherInc) {  

printf("\n\nStudent Name Budget Report\n");  
printf("                                              MONTHLY  ANNUALY\n");
printf("School Expenses:                              $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", School, School * 12);
printf("Living Expenses:                              $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", Living, Living * 12);
printf("Transportation Expenses:                      $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", Transp, Transp * 12);
printf("Other Expenses:                               $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", OtherExp, OtherExp * 12);
printf("total Expenses:                               $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", School + Living + Transp + OtherExp, School * 12 + Living * 12 + Transp * 12 + OtherExp * 12); 
printf("Employment Income:                            $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", Employ, Employ * 12);
printf("Other Income:                                 $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", OtherInc, OtherInc * 12);
printf("Total Income:                                 $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", Employ + OtherInc, Employ * 12 + OtherInc * 12);
printf("Total Savings Available for your Goals:       $%.2lf   $%.2lf\n", (Employ + OtherInc) - (School + Living + Transp + OtherExp), (Employ * 12 + OtherInc * 12)- (School * 12 + Living * 12 + Transp * 12 + OtherExp * 12));

return 0;

char get_char(char* pRecalculate){

     int valid_input;

     valid_input = 0;

     while (valid_input == 0){
     printf("\nWould you like to recalculate your budget? (Y/N): ");
     scanf("%c", &*pRecalculate);
     *pRecalculate = toupper(*pRecalculate);
     if (*pRecalculate == 'Y' || *pRecalculate == 'y' || *pRecalculate == 'N' || *pRecalculate == 'n') valid_input = 1;
         else printf("Error Invalid choice\n");


     return *pRecalculate;

void clear_buffer(void) {

while ( getchar() != '\n' );

double get_double()

 // What to put here?
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What have you tried, and what went wrong? – aschepler Jul 15 '12 at 21:40
@azuyer: You've got to post some code. Show your work. And I suggest do it as soon as you can or people will down vote the heck out or post. – GKED Jul 15 '12 at 21:41
i tried posting everything but it says there was a formatting error or somethin – warren.phen Jul 15 '12 at 21:42
+1 for actually making an effort to fix your question. Most new users rage-quit after seeing the initial flood of downvotes. – Mysticial Jul 15 '12 at 21:57

Think about the train of process, and think about the flowchart/decision tree you want your program or function to follow.

You don't want to stop asking the user for input until valid input has been entered. You are guaranteed to ask the user at least once, but might ask multiple times. The input is either valid or invalid.

Now we begin to draft some pseudo-code. Here's how I would do it:

double get_double(void)
    double d;
    int ask_again = 1; /* continue if 1 (true), exit if 0 (false) */

    do {
        /* display message to user to let them know to type a number */
        /* read user input */
        if (/* user input didn't input a valid double */)
            /* display appropriate error message */
        else if (/* user entered a double, but it wasn't greater than or equal to zero */)
            /* display appropriate error message */
        else    /* user entered valid input, so ...  */
            /* ... do something to make sure the loop exists */
    } while (/* we need to ask again */);

This yells do-while to me, so I wrote it in a do-while loop. I provided an int ask_again variable, but I leave it to you where it might be useful, if at all.

You should consider what real code should go where all the comments are.
Check with your course notes to see what techniques your teacher expects you to know to apply here.

Reading and sanitizing user-input is a notorious problem in all computer languages, especially C. StackOverflow can give you ideas of how you might perform a particular action.

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Try this:

double get_double()
    double d;

    if (scanf("%lf", &d) != 1)
        /* handle error */
        reurn -1;

    if (d < 0)
        /* handle error */
        return -1;

    return d;

Or, as Keith Thompson pointed out, you can also be safe:

double get_double()
    double d;
    char *line = NULL;
    size_t len;

    getline(&line, &len, stdin);
    if (line == NULL)
        return -1;

    d = strtod(line, NULL);

    if (d < 0)
        /* handle error */
        return -1;

    return d;

You can use it like this (as there's no way to return all the entered doubles in one single double -- maybe you want an array, but the question specified the target signature as double (*)()):

double d;

while ((d = get_double()) >= 0)
    /* do what you want */
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scanf has undefined behavior if the input value is outside the range of the target type (double in this case); see N1570 – Keith Thompson Jul 15 '12 at 23:02
The question says It will continuously prompt the user for a numeric value until it meets the conditions. The value must be numeric and greater or equal to 0. If any character input precedes or follows the number the input is to be treated as invalid. – Alexey Frunze Jul 16 '12 at 0:35
@KeithThompson so what's the problem here? – user529758 Jul 16 '12 at 2:11
@AlexeyFrunze I'll update. – user529758 Jul 16 '12 at 2:12
When the call scanf("%lf", &d) is executed, if the user enters, for example, 1.0e1000000, the behavior is undefined; there's no guarantee scanf will indicate an error. It could crash the program. (Oh, and you mispelled return on the following line.) – Keith Thompson Jul 16 '12 at 2:39

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