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This is my code:

byte[] base64String = //this is being set properly
var base64CharArray = new char[base64String.Length];
var Base64String = new string(base64CharArray);

When i run this, I get the following error when calling Convert.ToBase64CharArray:

Either offset did not refer to a position in the string, or there is an insufficient length of destination character array. Parameter name: offsetOut

How do i fix this, so i can convert my byte array to a string, or is there a better way to convert a byte array to a string?

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Why do you need the char array? Just convert your byte[] directly to a Base64 string:

string base64String = Convert.ToBase64String(myByteArray);
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Yes!. This is what i was looking for. Thank you. I'll accept your answer in 3 minutes – BoundForGlory Jul 15 '12 at 22:16

base64 encoding needs 4 characters to encode 3 bytes of input. you have to enlarge your output array.

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here is one way you can convert byte array to string

static byte[] GetBytes(string str) 
    byte[] bytes = new byte[str.Length * sizeof(char)]; 
    System.Buffer.BlockCopy(str.ToCharArray(), 0, bytes, 0, bytes.Length); 
    return bytes; 

static string GetString(byte[] bytes) 
    char[] chars = new char[bytes.Length / sizeof(char)]; 
    System.Buffer.BlockCopy(bytes, 0, chars, 0, bytes.Length); 
    return new string(chars); 

you don't really need to worry about encoding.

more details can be found here

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This is a simple form of doing it

string System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(YourbyteArray)
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