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I have rescue connecting to local redis database..

I start resque via god:

 god -c config/resque.god

here is the config file (it's pretty standard):

rails_env   = ENV['RAILS_ENV']  || "development"
rails_root  = ENV['RAILS_ROOT'] || File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/..'
num_workers = rails_env == 'development' ? 5 : 2

num_workers.times do |num|
  God.watch do |w|
    w.dir      = "#{rails_root}"
    w.name     = "resque-#{num}"
    w.group    = 'resque'
    w.interval = 30.seconds
    w.env      = {"QUEUE"=>"*", "RAILS_ENV"=>rails_env}
    w.start    = "bundle exec rake -f #{rails_root}/Rakefile environment resque:work --trace"
    w.log      = "#{rails_root}/log/resque.log"
    w.err_log  = "#{rails_root}/log/resque_error.log"

#    w.uid = 'Stpn'
 #   w.gid = 'staff'

    # restart if memory gets too high
    w.transition(:up, :restart) do |on|
      on.condition(:memory_usage) do |c|
        c.above = 350.megabytes
        c.times = 2

    # determine the state on startup
    w.transition(:init, { true => :up, false => :start }) do |on|
      on.condition(:process_running) do |c|
        c.running = true

    # determine when process has finished starting
    w.transition([:start, :restart], :up) do |on|
      on.condition(:process_running) do |c|
        c.running = true
        c.interval = 5.seconds

      # failsafe
      on.condition(:tries) do |c|
        c.times = 5
        c.transition = :start
        c.interval = 5.seconds

    # start if process is not running
    w.transition(:up, :start) do |on|
      on.condition(:process_running) do |c|
        c.running = false

After I start resque I start redis-server:

redis-server  /usr/local/etc/redis.conf 

Sometimes I will , for example clear all failed jobs and restart the server. When everything goes back up - I will see that failed jobs are still there..

And resque won't connect to redis (although both are running)..

The most confusing part is that I can't see any pattern there, sometime it will happen, some time it won't. Does anyone have an idea of what may be going on?


 # Close the connection after a client is idle for N seconds (0 to disable)
 timeout 0
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Can u check for timeout parameter in your redis conf? and mention it in ur OP –  Tamil Jul 25 '12 at 11:04
checked/ added - thank you! –  Stpn Jul 25 '12 at 21:33
btw, if you are familiar with Redis/ Resque (does not seem to be awfully popular topic on SO), maybe you can look at another question of mine? stackoverflow.com/questions/11636022/… –  Stpn Jul 25 '12 at 22:01

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