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Background: My project has a toolbar, whose buttons cause the main panel to change to a different section depending on the button. This isn't done by all the panels and showing the relevant one; it is done by destroying whatever panel is up at present (e.g. Finance) and recreating in its place the desired one (e.g. Inbox). The redrawing of the panels caused ugly flickering to appear as the widgets or sizers took their time. After putting self.Hide() in each panel's init method and not using Show() until that was over, the flickering was about 90% reduced. Transition between panels was pretty smooth, not tab notebook like smooth, but definitely acceptable.

BUT: Yesterday, I changed every panel to Scrolledpanel. I don't need scroll bars when I execute it, but people using it with a different screen size might with a couple of the panels. And...the ugly lag flickering is back with a vengeance!!!

I don't understand how this tiny change could have affected so much. All I did was 1. replace the panel constructor with the scrolled panel constructor and 2. add in the Setupscrolling command.

class Tasks_PanelClass(scrolled.ScrolledPanel):
  def __init__(self, parent, id):
    scrolled.ScrolledPanel.__init__(self, parent, id)


The flickering happens even on Scrolledpanels which remain scrollbarfree. But I can see a...psuedo scrollbar flickering in place for a second before evidently the program decides it doesn't need it after all.

So I am suspecting that the flickering is caused 1. by the pseudo scrollbars themselves flickering and 2. the time lag they generate, causing all the other widgets like listctrls to flicker.

Interestingly, one of the worst and most curious flickering culprits is a list ctrl. Its proportion in the panel sizer is 1; the other widget has 2.

self.panelsizer.Add(self.lefthandsizer, 2, wx.EXPAND | wx.ALL, 5)
self.panelsizer.Add(self.tasksizer, 1, wx.EXPAND | wx.ALL, 5)



self.SetupScrolling(scroll_x=True, scroll_y=True)

Yet when it moves position! As if it is 50% of the panel, then settles in its proper place.

Picture1: It was difficult to catch this on a screen cap. But you can see the pinkish listctrl is extending where it doesn't belong for a second. The tools aren't visible, but that type of flickering is so quick it isn't really noticable normally. But argh, the listctrl!!!! Normally it flickers a bit more than this, but that was all I could capture. It's too quick for my fingers but my eyes can't miss it, sadly.

link removed What it looks like after settling. i.e. This is where the listctrl properly belongs!

Picture3: Here you can see a lot of the 'flickering'. The colour is the same colour as the base panel hidden behind I guess it is showing through?? But why? The only area it is meant to show through is that long vertical line as a border.

Picture4: link removed.

Edit: I am only allowed two hyperlinks, so I've chosen the two showing the flickering. To see the two showing how each should look, try replacing the relevant part of the url with: 1. /886459/232200/600.png 2. /886459/232187/600.png

I don't understand this. I also don't understand how, EVEN IF scrollbars create a lag while it decides if they're necessary or not, ** why is this lag strong enough to override the Hide() command in every panel's init method? Surely it should only show when it is ready to show. **

It seems like I have a dilemma: either make my program unusable because there is no scrolling ability...or make it unusable because of the ugly flickering. I cannot overstate the annoyingness of the effect. (I should also add it would be very hard to rewrite the program so panels are hidden and shown rather than destroyed and created. Not because of the time, but because the ability to "fire" characters seems to require the panel to be recreated, otherwise errors pop up due to their profile being viewed from a listctrl at the time.)

I'm sorry for all the tldr, and because I can't really give the appropriate code as it's so long and full of modules. I'm really hoping someone will know why scrollbars seem to override the Hide() command (or what I am misunderstanding here. Once again, things were working happily until I switched the panel type to Scrolledpanel.)

If not, I will upload a video of how it looked before and after, and try to produce a sample program that you can run which recreates the ugly effect.

Extra: I researched this and hoped this answer ( would solve, but it doesn't seem to. I have put that SetupScrolling everywhere I could think of in the init, and it makes no difference, not does Layout seem to.

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Instead of destroying and creating new panels during execution, have you considered creating them all at the start, hiding the panels you aren't using, and showing the one you are? If the flickering still persists, you could hide the frame until all the panels are created. – acattle Jul 16 '12 at 1:45
The problem is the whole software has been built around the destroying-recreating thing. :( I depend it to make sure the info on all the panels is up to date/changed from whatever user interaction. Like it refreshes everything. It's even more vital for the firing mechanic. The User picks a character from a listctrl of names, this brings up a panel with the character's information and a list of actions including the firing command. – Auga Jul 16 '12 at 15:37
When I tested it, destroying a character, it brought up errors because the listctrl and the panel were still trying to access the deleted object. The only cure was the 'refresh' option, to recreate the section/master panel, which would repopulate the listctrl properly. It may be possible with a lot of work to redraw all the widgets, but...I'm scared all that redrawing would be flickering again. – Auga Jul 16 '12 at 15:37
If I could just find out why the introduction of SetupScrolling overrides my self.Hide() command in the init, it would be fine again. Or why it decides to delay itself until after the panel is recreated and'ed. It's doing one of those for some annoying crazy reason! Why why why why... :( – Auga Jul 16 '12 at 15:38

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