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I have 4 or more pages in my web app and i am looking something like page indicator in ios/android. Is it possible now to achieve this using Jquery mobile or some other effective way.

i have found following question regarding the same requirement and so wanted to know if Jquery has introduced page indicator since then or there is a better effective way to achieve the same now.

Creating iOS page indicator (dots) with jQuery Mobile

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It can be achieved with some pretty simple programming, put 4 dots (you could use images) in the footer and then with javascript you write something like (pseudocode):

page = get current page
switch(page) {
    case 1:
        highlight dot1
        -make sure all other dots are not highlighted
    case 2:
        -highlight dot2
        -make sure all other dots are not highlighted

I just checked on my iphone and the dot highlightning isn't even animated, so you could just get away with some images or generated dots.

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